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5 different basic pleats every seamstress should know

​It’s Monday morning and we are already designing for Fall 18 and preparing for the Spring 18 samples to arrive AND preparing sales orders for the current session, Fall 17. Needless to say we have a lot going on. Our design routine is to organize our office. Pull old samples we liked from the previous year. We either liked the body style or color. We pull our bucket of fabric swatches and bring all of that to the table.

As we are flipping through magazines and scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration. We find a body style that is to die for. A classic look with box pleats.

As we are drooling over this body style and thinking how we can change it up and make it different. The owner is concerned about how she will tell her manufacturer about this pleat and how to construct it. So she proceeds to tell me this particular pleat is a knife pleat. 😳🤔🤔 As I give her the side eye and a quick lesson on the different pleats. I realized this would be a great topic for a blog.
Unfortunately pleats can be very confusing for some. It seem as though everyone has a different name for a pleat. And if you are trying to explain to the manufacturer what you want done and your giving the wrong explanation. Things can become very chaotic.

So this is my list of 5 pleats every sewing enthusiast should know.

1.Knife or side pleats -are pleats that are facing in one direction. Typically used for kilts.

Knife pleats
2. Crystal Pleats – Narrow sharply pressed pleats all in one direction. These pleats are usually heat treated to keep their shape.

Crystal pleats

3. Accordion Pleats- Are mini knife pleats. Same as crystal pleats but wider. Crystal pleats are usually 1/8″ wide and accordion pleats are no more than 1/2″ wide

Accordion pleats

4. Box Pleats- Box pleats-are equal folds of fabrics folded away from each other in opposite directions until a box forms on the top of the skirt

Box Pleats

5. Inverted box Pleats-are opposite of box pleats where the pleats are on the inside of the skirt instead of on the top.

Inverted box pleat

Well there you have it. The 5 basic pleats every seamstress should know. Maybe the next blog I will  feature a different list of pleats. Do you have a list of pleats we should learn about? Leave them in the comments. 

As always Keep sewing, Keep creating 



2 thoughts on “5 different basic pleats every seamstress should know

    1. Yay! I am happy to hear that! And yes pleats can be so confusing. If possible make pleat samples from scrap material. Stick them in sheet protectors and use them as references. If we don’t use them everyday we tend to forget.

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